Mila started as a Kickstarter assignment in November 2019, where it raised over $1.1 million to join a small but developing stable of clever air purifiers.

I picked up two of these gadgets about a year after that and was pressured to try out them in a dusty house for the past fifteen months.

That means that my two Mila Air Purifiers have been going for walks for a little over 10,000 hours every.

Because Resetting something is a domain that’s all approximately reliable, I suppose it’s important for each assessment to be based totally on lengthy-term, real-world experience.

This permits me to present you a real in-intensity assessment that solutions the number one query that you in all likelihood have on your mind:

Is the Mila air purifier in reality well worth spending $350 (or greater) on? (I assume it is, and I’ll explain why this has fast grown to be one of my most recommended devices.

Plus, at the give up of this text I’ll percentage a hyperlink in which you may get a $50 discount off your buy if you decide to get one.)

Prepared to discover what it’s want to very own a Mila?

Mila Air Purifier Review

Overview Of Mila Air Purifier Review

The Mila air purifier shows how powerful it can be when you integrate engineering smarts with a dose of character.

Each tool is strong and sufficient to smooth and recirculate the air of an ordinary residing room 5 times per hour, the recommended rate for hypersensitive reactions and asthma.

And Mila comes with an associate app for each iOS and Android that helps you to control it from anywhere.

The Automagic mode can even be discovered while someone is in the room, silencing the fan after which runs a deep easy when you depart for the day.

Since including these air purifiers in my home, I’ve observed my allergies enhance substantially and that I haven’t caught an unmarried bloodless in 14+ months.

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Earlier than going into the details about what I like and don’t like approximately Mila, let’s speak approximately the air in your home.

Specifically, allow’s observe why the air we breathe subjects—a lot more than you likely suppose it does! According to the EPA, we spend approximately ninety of our time interior—and an amazing part of that time is spent in our houses.

That is especially true if, like tens of millions of humans, you have begun operating from home on a part-time or full-time basis.

On any given day, we breathe inside and outside approximately 22,000 times.

If ninety% of our time is spent interior, it means you’re breathing the air in your own home anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 instances in keeping with the day.

That’s numerous air. So it’s critical that to make sure it’s clean of things like VOCs, dirt, and allergens which can get into your airways and make you miserable.

Pricing and Which Filter to Choose

Permit’s speak price.

A single Mila air cleanser will set you again $349 plus tax, with the primary filter at the house in case you pick out car-fill up (that you possibly need to).

I have to admit that I used to be extraordinarily hesitant to spend a whole lot of money on air purifiers in the beginning.

Losing $ seven hundred on something that in reality runs within the history of your home is, nicely, a lot to invite.

Especially whilst there are so many other methods to apply that cash. So I had very high expectations of these little gadgets.

And I am glad to record that Mila has surpassed nearly all of my lofty expectations — notwithstanding some hiccups.

In case you’re inquisitive about choosing two or more Milas, it’s worth noting that there is no discount for purchasing additional devices.

This shouldn’t be too surprising given the delivery shortages that have rocked the electronics global recently.

Nevertheless, it’s a piece disappointing since the general public will want to order multiple air purifiers for you to cover their entire residence or condominium.

It would be satisfactory to peer a few incentives for doing the right component on your lungs.

To melt the blow, Mila at least injects a number of their signature humor into their pricing page.

Try including 16 Milas for your cart from the purchase web page and also you’ll see a message saying, “That is mentioning several questions for us.” try adding 18 Milas and the message adjustments to, “What might one even do with 18 air purifiers?”

The messages get more wonderful from there, so I won’t ruin it. Keep growing the quantity till you get to 31 for a nice wonder.


Model Price Best For HEPA Carbon
The Basic Breather $59 Large Rooms H12 No
The Big Sneeze $69 Small Rooms H13 No
The Rookie Parent $69 Bedrooms H12 0.7lbs
The Critter Cuddler $69 Small Living Rooms H13 0.84lbs
The Home Wrecker $79 Standard Living Rooms H12 1.96lbs
The Mama-to-Be $79 Bedrooms H14 0.7lbs
The Overreactor $99 Bedrooms H14 1.25lbs

The ability of these filters is one of the functions that truly sets Mila aside from competition like Alen or Dyson.

It helps you to customize the Mila to a particular state of affairs, basically turning one air cleaner into seven.

Are your allergies worse in the Spring? Switch to the big Sneeze clearout in March.

Just moved into a new home? Get the house Wrecker and avoid inhaling the VOCs which might be off-gassing all around you.

Got a new canine? Pop in a Critter Cuddler filters out to do away with puppy odors.

I could go on, but you get the concept.

So far I’ve been extremely glad with the Overreactor filters in both of our units.

Now that I’m getting to know the brand-new residence a little better, I’ll probably switch one of the filters to the home Wrecker to get more formaldehyde removal and save a bit of money.

This brings us to a vital point: price.

Alternative filters for the Mila aren’t exactly reasonably priced. Anticipate the fundamental level clear out to set you again by using $ fifty-nine and among the best Overreactor filters to set you back through $ ninety-nine.

Mila additionally offers a 5-percent of washable socks for $50. Socks are material covers that pass over the clear-out and assist in trapping larger dirt debris.

In my revel, setting a sock in your Mila filter can extend its life by approximately two months, meaning you handiest need to change them out every eight months or so.

Those charges are truly within the “premium” class for air purifiers, but they aren’t that far off from the opposition.

To position them into context, substitute filters from Dyson fee between $ sixty-nine and $ seventy-nine, while filters for Alen air purifiers can vary anywhere from $99 to $139.

Automagic Mode

Where Mila genuinely shines is in its simple yet customizable Automagic mode.

The automatic mode can intelligently transfer among various scenarios such as power shop Mode, house responsibilities provider, or even Whitenoise Mode to help you loosen up and glide off to sleep.

Considerate functions like an app-enabled child Lock Mode, air great detection, and configurable sleep and wake instances help Mila adapt to your timetable.

I rarely discovered myself having to switch Mila out of the default Automatic mode.

In truth, as soon as the initial setup was done, it seemed to read my thoughts.

When I entered the room, it might go whisper quiet.

When I leave for lunch, I might switch over to a housework provider to offer a deep easy of the complete home.

The overall range of modes are listed below.

Bubble Boy Mode

This mode tells the Mila to prioritize air nice over noise ranges. In case you set off this, you may always have the cleanest air possible, however the noise might also get to you after a time.

Child Lock Mode

For the reason that Mila sits so low on the floor, it’s essentially a beacon for curious palms. This mode disables all controls on the unit itself so that children and pets can’t accidentally adjust the settings.

Energy Save Mode

If you’re looking to use as little power as viable, this mode is for you. While Mila detects the right air, it’ll completely flip off the screen and lovers, the use of best as tons power because it wishes to keep the sensors jogging.

Housekeeping Service

With this mode activated, Mila will use the app and sensors on the device itself to locate if a person is in the room or not.

While no person has been around for a while, it’s going to ramp up the fan pace with the purpose to deep-easy the room, after which fast-cross quietly as soon as it detects movement again.

This is my favorite mode as it ensures that you come home to the hottest air viable (without disturbing you).

Quiet Mode

While this mode is activated, the Mila gets as quiet because it in all likelihood can (without stopping the fan altogether) when you’re inside the room.

This is first-rate if you’re a light sleeper or if the Mila is in a public area, like your residing room. I exploit this mode loads when watching television or if I’m seeking cognizance.

Sleep Mode

Much like Quiet Mode, Sleep mode will flip off all lighting fixtures and slow the fan speed down at the same time as you’re asleep. In addition, it will avoid fluctuating the velocity of the fan so you don’t enjoy any diffused adjustments in noise degrees.

Turndown Service

That is another favorite of mine. If you spark off this mode and apply your general bedtime usage of the Mila app, the air purifier will run a deep clean an hour before you visit the mattress. This guarantees that the air in your bedroom is smooth and prepared for you when you climb into bed.

Whitenoise Mode

In case you need a touch of white noise to help you nod off at night, Mila can do this too. It’ll modify the velocity and attitude of the fanatics to provide you with a pleasing, smooth sound without oscillation.

Noise Levels

Mila can run its enthusiasts at extremely low speeds, making it highly quiet in maximum instances. You can use an aggregate of modes within the app to both make the tool quieter or to prioritize air high-quality, depending on your temper and wishes.
That stated, the better fan speeds can get as an alternative noise, so it’s high-quality to permit those to run at the same time as no one is around. I have found that the housekeeping and Turndown modes are perfect for this, as they will automatically deep clean your house’s air on every occasion they’re left alone for an extended period.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Clean Air shipping price refers to the amount of air that Mila can recirculate in a given time body.

Mila uses the industry popular of rectangular meters per hour, and the price relies upon the filter out that you pick.

If you want maximum CADR, go along with the simple Breather. It can recirculate 448 square meters of air every hour, which is sort of twice as a great deal as the top-of-the-line Overreactor clear-out.

As well-known, the more powerful the clear out, the decrease the CADR is going to be.

That’s due to the fact the thicker filters sluggish down the air as it passes through, trapping contaminants and odors but additionally reducing the general capacity of the device.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of the air purifier itself is brilliantly simple.

The white cover is perforated with masses of tiny holes that pull in 360º of air all around it.

This air is then exceeded through a beefy filter before subsequently being released straight up.

This air pattern enables us to create a vortex that we could every device clean up to at least one,000 square toes.

I by no means observed a wallet of stale air, even if setting Mila in a dwelling region that is chopped up into several different rooms.

The general design in all fairness minimal, with a moderate mid-century modern vibe to it.

Mila comes in one color — white with a black pinnacle and timber legs — however, it’s versatile enough to go with both contemporary furniture and a greater traditional look.

And they may every so often provide a confined version matte black version for a $50 upcharge.

In the long run, even though, splendor is in the attention of the beholder. So if the pictures have you questioning if it will look out of location in your own home, you could want to look into extra traditional alternatives like Filtrete or Levoit.

The Mila App

Mila additionally comes with a clever app (to be had for each iOS and Android) that gives you a pleasant image of your property and the fame of your Milas.

You may even zoom out to look at the air exceptional of your community and acquire indicators when it receives especially bad.

Warranty and Customer Support

Mila gives a one-12 months guarantee towards manufacturer defects. In my 15+ months of trying out,

Mila’s customer service group always spoke back within 1-2 enterprise days to any question or trouble I had, and they were extraordinarily beneficial.

They even provided to completely replace a malfunctioning unit although it was a few weeks beyond the only-12 months guarantee duration, displaying a fresh determination to proprietor pride.

In case you do locate yourself desiring to update your device, the technique is short and easy.

They will deliver you a brand new Mila together with a pay-as-you-go mailing label.

All you have to do is place the antique device into the same container, affix the label, and ship it returned to them.

Mila Downsides

Of course, no piece of the era is perfect. Each of my authentic devices had to get replaced because the fan began to make a noisy noise that sounded like an idling truck, even at low speeds.

This did become not a massive issue, but it ultimately became stressful sufficient that I reached out to Mila for assistance so that you could remedy it. (I used to be capable of repairing smaller troubles by resetting the Mila.)

Different owners have said of spotty WiFi connections on the way to randomly drop out, although I haven’t run into this trouble thus far.

It’s worth noting that the two Milas I needed to replace were a few of the first batch produced, and the agency claims to have upgraded most of the inner additives for its present-day batch of air purifiers.

I’ll update this review in a few months to permit you to recognize how these new Milas are getting alongside.


I commenced this evaluation with the aid of claiming that Mila became the tool that I advise the most to buddies and circle of relatives.

The motive is straightforward: we all spend time indoors and breathe air.

So it’s worth the investment to make certain that air is as clean as feasible, both for your normal fitness and for your consolation.

This is especially real as COVID-19 continues to be a stubborn fixture in our lives, not to mention the flu, allergens, and not unusual bloodless.

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